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Take a Fall Wine Tour in Napa Valley

Fall Wine Tour in Napa Valley

Although, Napa Valley is known for being one of the primary providers of wine in the country little is known about how beautiful it is, particularly, in the fall. As with all plant life, when fall comes you are introduced to a breathtaking array of colors, vivid and entrancing. Seeing symmetrical rows of lush green offset by comforting yellows and brazen reds will be nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Knowing that there are juicy ripe grapes hanging just below the foliage makes the sight all the more tantalizing. Grapes are harvested in the northern hemisphere from early September to early November and from the middle of February to the middle of March in the southern hemisphere. So, going in the fall is the perfect time to truly experience the beauty of the wine valley and the harvesting of the grapes.

Fall Wine Tour in Napa Valley

Wine connoisseurs and those who simply love the je ne sais quoi of tasting wine will be happy to know that there are extensive tours given of the entire Napa Valley. Driving through the valley on your own is always a great idea but if you truly want to have an experience, all the while traveling in style, you will want to try the Napa Valley Wine Tours. You will be gliding in luxury as you are escorted by the Napa Valley Wine Train.

Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train was built in 1915 but newer cars have been added through the years as a means of remaining technologically modern. It is a steel train that has retained its classical look while providing modern amenities. The Wine Train covers a thirty-six mile round trip from Napa to St. Helena.

Winery Tours

There are six winery tours available, each with their own specific packages; Quattro Vino, The Castle Winery, Raymond Winery, Grgich Hill Winery, Ambassador Winery, and Evening Winery.

Quattro Vino

Quattro Vinos is the newest tour and is a four stop journey with food and wine. You will be given a six hour Rail Tour of Napa Valley, tastings at 4 wineries, and a 4-course meal. The starting price is $309 per person.

The Castle Winery

The Castle Winery offers exploration of the Castello di Amorosa. The castle has only been open for ten years but it took nearly twelve years to build. The castle was built to mimic a 13th century Tuscan castle and to provide some of that medieval world charm. The package includes a multiple course gourmet lunch accompanied by the introductory wine, a 1.5 hour ride on their vintage train, as well as, an exclusive tour and tasting at Castello di Amorsa. Pricing starts at $266 per person.

Raymond Winery

With a Raymond Winery Tour you will leave early and explore the vineyards on foot before boarding the train for lunch. You are given a multiple course gourmet lunch, the welcome taste of wine (which is the introductory compliment), a 1.5 hour travel on train, and a tour and tasting of Raymond Vineyards. Pricing starts at $206 per person.

Grgich Hills Winery

Grgich Hills is the longest winery trip and provides a historical tour of its founder and the history of becoming a part of Napa Valley. With Grgich Hills you get the multiple course gourmet lunch, welcome taste of wine, 2 hour travel on their vintage train, and an intimate tour and tasting at the estate. Pricing starts at $206 per person.

Ambassador Winery

The Ambassador Winery Tour is a tour of the majority of the valley as well as two wineries. You will get the multiple course lunch accompanied with the welcome taste of wine. You will travel aboard the vintage train for 1.5 hours and be given tours and tastings at Charles Krug Winery and Raymond Vineyards. Pricing starts at $266 per person.

Evening Winery

If you enjoyed Grgich Hills Winery in the day then you will love it at night. The Evening Winery simply covers an after hours tour with limited grouping. The package includes a multiple course gourmet dinner and welcome taste of wine. The vintage train trip will be 2 hours and an after hours tour and tasting of the Grgich Hills Estate.

Make your escape to this beautiful valley, seemingly, stuck in time and experience some of the finest wine produced. Trips are offered year round so feel free to book yourself a destination for any time.

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